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Our mission is to put people at the centre of our software. We aim to combine the skills and attributes of our team with the processes and requirements of our clients to provide a system that increases efficiencies. We are inclusive, open and actively engaged with our customers, partners and employees to learn and grow our products. We strive to complement the business of our clients with the implementation of our cost effective solution to maintain brand integrity.


There is no one system that suits all; these are words we truly live by at Lizard Campaign. We are constantly staying up to date with trends and further developing our system to offer our clients exactly what they need out of a system. We are open to taking direction from our clients and the input from our clients has made the Advenda PRO system what it is today.

We strive to provide a complete system that, once set up, should involve little to no intervention from our staff. As we go into all new set ups with the intention to streamline processes and to create efficiencies within the individual business, then this is exactly what we do. Once we have created the workflow that works for you, our staff hand over the reigns to yours. That doesn't mean we aren't there though - our team is always just a call away. While your Account Manager is always on hand to answer any questions, train new starters, take a brief on new templates or to make you feel more comfortable using the system, our Help Desk staff are there in case of any hiccups. The Help Desk team are 100% Australian based which means you can call or email with ease during business hours. We also offer an After Hours service if needed.

"Our company has been lucky enough to deal with Lizard Campaign for over 4 years. We have always found them to be extremely pleasant to work with, very patient with us, wonderful for solving any concerns we have in a timely fashion and have given all of our staff excellent service at all times."

Donna Watkins, General Manager, Klemich RealEstate

"Soon after commencing use of Advenda, I noticed a pronounced increase in efficiency and accuracy in the creation of marketing material. Lizard Campaign has supported the growth of our business and continually offers to support via system development to cater to our changing needs. We are highly confident that any issue can be addressed and rectified with a single phone call or email in a prompt and friendly manner."

Andrew Fox, Director, Fox Real Estate

"Gary Peer has been using the Advenda system for over ten years. Recently, we have worked with their team to customise the platform to ensure it features everything we could possibly need in a Campaign Management system. We have just rolled out Stage Two of this plan, which had a focus on developing capabilities to assist our digital marketing team and we have been very happy with the end result. We are now working together on Stage Three. Advenda has been extremely easy to work with every step of the way. They have met all deadlines and have continued to exceed our expectations at every point."

Phillip Kingston, Director, Gary Peer

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