About Us


Lizard Campaign has evolved from 1999 as a software development company working principally in the field of publishing technology. Adlizard delivered an innovative new approach to the production of print and web display adverts. Adlizard partnered with Adobe who’s award-winning software and technologies have redefined business, entertainment and personal communications by setting new standard for producing and delivering content that engages people virtually anywhere at anytime.

We have been part of the reason InDesign Server was released by Adobe and today our services include both software development, hosting and production services to retailers, printers, manufactures, advertising agencies, real estate agencies and the web publishing industry, from wherever you have access to a web browser.

Our mission has always been to be leaders and innovators for web based online advertising production services, hosted or licensed using Adlizard based on InDesign Server and SQL database.

Today, with a strong and robust development and service team headed by Jake Tidmarsh, we will continue to be innovative in creating Single Source multichannel publishing solutions incorporating Product Information Management, Digital Asset Management, Marketing Resource Management and Workflow Management for Print, Web and E-Commerce.

We don’t subscribe the saying “it can’t be done” because the Lizard Campaign Team can find a way.